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NAWIC Membership

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To learn more about joining NAWIC and the Greater Washington Chapter of NAWIC, please join us at an upcoming event and visit the national NAWIC website.

NAWIC membership affords many opportunities

Professional Opportunities
•  Industry speakers                     
•  Legislative / legal updates
•  Career / job leads
•  Mentoring opportunities
•  Education of youth and support through scholarships
•  Connection with other women in the industry
•  Community outreach projects
•  Liaison with other industry and professional associations

Educational Opportunities
•  Leadership development
•  Association magazine subscription
•  Development of management and public speaking skills
•  Speakers and seminars at national and regional events
•  Employee recruitment
•  Marketing / advertising opportunities for your company
•  Discounts on goods and services
•  Developing and promoting industry values and culture
•  Offering exposure to new skills and technology updates
•  Promoting professional certifications, coaching and mentoring
•  Generating publicity through community service projects
•  Building a strong industry by promoting NEF K-12 programs to the future work force
•  Assistance in plotting career path

Business Opportunities
•  Employee recruitment
•  Marketing / advertising opportunities for your company
•  Access to a national and local resource network
•  Discounts on services
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